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Wakepark, bike rental, yachts and catamarans, summer caf? and hookahs!

River Park is a new spot on the map of the best summer activities in Minsk. On the pier of “Lebyazhy” water park you can get maximum boost of summer mood and positive emotions!

Here you can try wakeboarding in the cable park and behind a motorboat, ride a bike on green roads along the shores of the Minsk sea, sail on a catamaran, motorboat or yacht, or just chill in the summer cafe on the pier enjoying a light breeze and a beautiful view of the city. Come to River Park and make your summer unforgettable!

Wake Park

Bicycle rent and scooter rent in Minsk center

Dreaming to ride as quick as the wind along the streets of Minsk? To forget about traffic jams and feel the vibe of drive and freedom together with your friends? To have a picnic out of town or an unforgettable romantic date? SpeedyGo

SpeedyGo offers you to rent new and modern scooters in Minsk. We have an easy-to-get location in the city center (3 minutes walking from Plozhad Pobedy metro station, next to Gallery «Ў»), but we can also arrange a delivery to any place in town for you.

But don’t’ get upset if you have no driving license – we won’t let you get bored either! We offer you to rent a bike in Minsk, as well as a stylish kick-scooter or an old-school long board  – you can find more details on our page Bike rental Minsk, Kick Scooter rental Minsk, Long Board rental Minsk, Roller skates rental Minsk.

Scooter and bike rent is a unique chance to make your regular days different, add some colours to your life if you don’t have a two-wheel friend of your own, but you have been dreaming of it for so long.

And if you want to go back to your carefree and joyful childhood – just rent a kick-scooter and go along the city streets catching sights and smiles of the people around you. Of course we could not forget about such a popular thing nowadays as a long board – you can also rent them here. The only thing to do is to choose a vehicle you like the most!

Open up a world of new emotions and experience with SpeedyGo!

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20 BLR.

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