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1. What is included in the rent price?

In the rent price of the scooter are also included: a safety helmet and an antitheft wire, two rain coats (in case of the rain), GPS-navigation with a special guide tours (at additional cost).

2. Do I need a driving license to drive a scooter?

You need to have a driving license of any category, as well as to know the traffic rules. You’ll also need to show your ID (passport) upon signing the contract.

3. Can I get and return a scooter only at your office?

No, you can ask for a delivery or return a scooter at any place within Minsk limits. The cost of delivery or return of a scooter is 100 000 BYR one way.

4. Is it safe to leave a scooter in the streets? Where should I keep a scooter at night?

All our scooter have antitheft wires – you should use them for securing the front wheel every time you leave a scooter. We strongly recommend to park scooters at paid parking places during the night time.

5. Can two people drive a scooter?

Yes, all our scooters have a driver and a passenger seat, and we give two safety helmets in such a case.

6. I want to drive a scooter, but don't know which way to go. What shall I do?

We have an answer especially for you – an additional GPS-navigation with different routes on your choice that won’t let you get bored or lost in the city.

7. What clothes should I wear while driving a scooter?

Take the weather into consideration and don’t forget that it feels a little colder while driving fast, specially at nights. You might as well need some sunglasses or regular glasses to protect you from dust, some gloves and a windcoat if needed.

If you have any other question, please call +375 (29) 144-50-30 or send us an email to info@speedygo.by

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