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Electro skate Lite LS-900

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If your route or place for riding has a bad or even no pavement, then this electro skate is for you. Don’t waste your time searching, because LS900 is the most powerful! Nowadays it’s not just a toy for fun – it’s a real transport that has high speed and can go for a long distance. Combining up-to-date technologies, such as a collector-free engine and  LiFePo4 battery allow it to go for long distances (up to 28 km), and its light weight (21kg) compared to other old similar models (36 kg), won’t make you think twice if you want to get the board from your house or out of the trunk of your car. The electro skate can go up to 40 km/h on an even and straight road, and only in 5 seconds! This model has a backward motion, which makes it even more maneuverable compared to other analogs.


Speed 42 km/h
Distance 34 km
Acceleration 0-40 km/h in 0-5 seconds
Length 118 sm
Wheel diameter 254 mm
Engine 900 watt, collector-free
Backward motion
Battery 36v 15ah, LiFePo4
Time of full charge 4 h
Remote controller wireless (Bluetooth 2,4G)
Load 130 kg
Weight 21 kg

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