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Wake park

Weekdays from 10.00 to 16.00

10 min15 min20 min25 min30 min1 h2 h3 h
MY stuff8121520254075100
PARK stuff10152025305090120
PRO stuff152025303570120160

Weekdays from 16.00 to 22.00, weekend and holidays

10 min15 min20 min25 min30 min1 h2 h3 h
MY stuff121520253060100120
PARK stuff152025303570120150
PRO stuff202530354090150190

Day ticket* (weekdays from 10.00 to 16.00)

6 hours
individual ride30

MY stuff – prices for wakeboard riding with your own equipment (wetsuit + wakeboard);


PARK stuff – prices for wakeboard riding with park equipment (basic wakeboard + open-toe bindings + wetsuit + helmet +vest);


PRO stuff – prices for wakeboard riding with pro-level equipment (wakeboard pro + closed-toe bindings + wetsuit + helmet +vest).


* Rules for day tickets:

  • Time – weekdays from 10.00 to 16.00
  • Unlimited number of 10-minutes sets
  • First come – first served rule
  • Visitors with appointed and limited riding time have a priority
  • The day ticket price includes PARK stuff. PRO stuff – for additional price 5 rub. per 1 set (10 min)

Season tickets for wakeboarding

For 1 hour
For 3 hours
For 5 hours
For 10 hours

Do you want to go wakeboarding in Minsk not leaving the city? Then you’re at the right place!

There are 2 closed-course cable systems for wakeboarding 200 meters and 220 meters long opened in River Park wake park on the territory of Waterpark “Lebyazhy” – the longest cable systems for wakeboarding in Minsk.

In our park you can ride on Slingshot, Ronix and LiquidForce wakeboards and a wakeskate, we also have wetsuits, vests and helmets for men and women of different sizes, all included in the price.

If you’ve never done wakeboarding, but would love to try it, or maybe you’d like to improve your skills and learn what Ralley, Backroll, Fronflip,  mobs, grabs, and many more – then book a training with a personal instructor. A prior booking for the instructor is required.


Our instructor: Ed Sadovnikov



Wakeboard/ Water Skis/ Wakesurf, Skis/Snowboard instructor with 13 years of riding experience. Training experience from 2005. Ed is a professional certified instructor in all the sports mentioned above.Participant and winner of international competitions in Snowboarding and Wakeboarding of RB, RF, Ukraine and Thailand. An organizer and instructor of children’s Mini camps and competitions in Skis, Trainer of youth summer wakeboarding/wakesurfing schools.

Price for a personal wakeboard training with an instructor (BYN)

Introduction (standing on the board on the water, turns)free
Lesson for 1 person (1 academic hour), 20 min. in the water + video analysis, theory25
Block of lessons for 1 person, 5 lessons for 20 min. in the water + video analysis, theory100
Group lesson for 4 people 60 min. in the water + video analysis, theory (price for a group)60
Lesson for children up to 7 hours (1 academic hour) 20 min in the water + instructor is in the water together with a child35

Rental at "WaterPark Lebyazhy"

Address: Minsk, Pobediteley av., 120 "WaterPark Lebyazhy"
Working hours: from 10.00 to 22.00 every day

Equipment in our park:

Wakeboards PARK stuff

Ronix Kids 120
Board-120, bindings-33-38
Board-135, bindings-34 – 37,5
Board-135, bindings-37,5-41,5
Jobe Logo 136
Board-136, bindings-37-43
Rope ABS-Wood 142
Board-142,bindings 41,5 – 46,5

Wakeboards PRO stuff

Liquid Force FLX 139
Board-139, Bindings-41-44
Liquid Force FLX 143
Board-143, Bindings -41-44
Ronix District Park 143
Board 143, bindings-44-46,5


Wetsuit 4/3 Women
Wetsuit 4/3 Men
Water vest men
Water vest women
Water helmet


  1. It’s required to ride a wakeboard only wearing a safety vest and a helmet regardless of a rider’s experience.
  2. Every client must sign a contract for providing paid services, a safety rules document and fill in an application at the first visit.
  3. Children under 18 years old are allowed to ride a wakeboard only upon a parents’ permission in writing or in their presence.
  4. You must make a payment to the register before riding in the wake park.
  5. All beginners have an obligatory instruction, a free demonstration of main techniques of starting and riding a wakeboard or other equipment in the park. An instructor gives all introductory instructions at the start point.
  6. There is a number of different figures for training various tricks.
  • Only experienced riders are allowed to use the park figures.
  • A rider must wear a hard helmet and a safety vest while using the figures.
  • It’s prohibited to go on the park figures riding a wakeboard with fins.
  • You can book a training with an experienced instructor. The training is charged additionally to the price of the wakeboard ride.

7.  It’s prohibited to ride in the park while being drunk or high.

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