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Jobe Logo Series

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10 min 15 rub.

15 min 20 rub.


Jobe Logo Series Wakeboard


It’s a light and playful board due to its 3-stage-rocker and integrated fins, a solid core providing a comfortable and confident ride. It’s a perfect choice for mid-level riders.

Characteristics of length 136:

  • Length: 136 см
  • Beak width: 25,4 cm
  • Tail width: 25,5 cm
  • Waist width: 40,4 cm
  • Rocker: 2,7 cm
  • Rider’s Weight: 45-81 kg

JOBE UNIT Wakeboard Bindings


Jobe Unit bindings are designed for riders of all levels. These open toe bindings are adjustable in size making them accessible for a large range of foot sizes, a pull loop in the back makes them easy to put on, and an easy and reliable lacing softly fixes the foot while keeping it tight with no stressing.

Size: 37-43, Foot length 23-28 cm

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