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Rope ABS-Wood 142

Ride price Rent price:

10 min 15 rub.

15 min 20 rub.


Rope ABS-Wood Wakeboard


This wakeboard is good both for beginners and experts who strive for stable and equable riding. Solid rocker, “speed” TT-1600 basis cover improved with ABS plastic. It gives you a good  adherence to water and clean takeoff. And you would surely appreciate soft and smooth landing without

Characteristics of length 142:

  • Length: 142 cm.
  • Width: 43,8 cm.
  • Rocker: 6,4 cm.
  • Standing: 55,9 — 66,0 cm.
  • Rider’s Weight: 77 — 110 kg

Wakeboard Bindings LIQUID FORCE INDEX


Index bindings continue to keep its high level when it comes to a fun ride. They are perfect for both beginners and experts. A new double lacing allows easy adjusting. Ergonomic bands and tongue give you additional support and response. Let your summer begin!

Size: USA 8-12 (EU 41,5 — 46,5), foot length 25,5 — 29 cm

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