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Maxus 28 Yacht

Yacht rent Rent price:

for an hour 100 rub.

for a night 200 rub.


Yacek Dashkevich, a famous Polish constructor, designed Maxus 28 yacht. It’s built on Northman Polish ship building company and is a leader among average size yachts. This yacht is noted with an innovational deck line, spacious cabin and functional interior. Having high speed features, outstanding manoeuvring ability and dynamics I’m combination with a comfort of an apartment it’s named as the fastest touristic yacht in Europe. There is a fridge, hot and cold running water, toilet, shower on the deck. The yacht is equipped with a heating system. Thanks to a full size kitchen you can cook on board, but you can also visit some restaurants on the shore to try a different cuisine. Skillful yachtsmen will be surprised as the yacht is easy and informative to sail. Such a yacht is a dream of any sailing yacht fan, and if you just a beginner, then try out this dream with us using our services.

Body length 8, 50 m.
Width 2, 92 m.
Height in the cabin 1,85 m.
Water draft 0,45 / 1,50 m.
Deadweight 3000 kg.
Outboard engine capacity 8-10 KM h.p.
Main sail 23,02 m2
Sail spread 38 m2
Number of berths 6+2
Ballast 800 kg.
Mast height above water 10,5 м
Sailing category B

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